Welcome to Theater Think. Here we will be talking about all things theater. Our first series of posts will be about Shakespeare and his writings.

We are excited to announce we will be performing the Grays Harbor version of Romeo and Juliet This summer. If you are interested in being a part of the summer fun, please e-mail 

Alls Well That Ends Well

None of the characters in this play are very attractive. All have agendas and will do whatever it takes to reach their agenda. Helen is in love with Bertram, but knows he will never marry her and uses her medical skills to cure the King so the King will then force Bertram to marry her. He, however refuses to bed her and takes off, so she tricks him into sleeping with her, much the way Tamar in the bible tricks her father in law into sleeping with her. Then there is a whole host of characters helping these main characters reach their agendas for their own selfish reasons. And all of this happens in the midst of war. In the end because Bertram has been tricked into bedding Helen, she is pregnant with his child forcing him to take responsibility.